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Welcome to Straightforward Publishing website. We specialise in the publication of quality self-help books written by professionals currently working in their particular field. The 'Straightforward Guides' are now established in UK bookshops and we cover many aspects of law, personal finances, personal development, property, business, creative writing, childcare, alternative health, and more.

Please use the link on the left index to 'browse our bookshop' - if you click on most of our book-covers you will see the contents and intro pages of the books so that you can get a feel for the subject before you purchase. We pride ourselves in keeping our law and regulations titles under revision, up to date, and in keeping with current legislation.

We have streamlined our operation over the years since starting in 1991 and have developed good relationships with our printers and distributors - you will find our books in most high street locations and many places on the web including Amazon, Google books, Blackwells, W H Smith and Foyles(who, generally, dedicate a shelf to our titles).

Civil Justice After Covid - A Change For The Better?

How will the law change in the 'New Normal' that we are given to believe? Pub: 25th August 2021 at £10.99
Civil Justice after Covid"This new book is published under our Emerald title, Civil Justice after COVID, and provides a far reaching focus on the Civil Justice System and how it operated pre-COVID 19 and how the whole civil justice system will (and should) change after COVID.
The onset of the pandemic has highlighted numerous problems with the old system and also shines a light on what changes will be needed to enable people to adapt to the challenge."

The author, Anthony Reeves, is a Chartered Legal Executive who has worked in civil litigation for the past 20 years. His areas of interest include debt recovery, contractual disputes and property litigation. Click on book cover for further detail orClick here to read a review from the Law Gazette

Our New Crime Series From Stephen Wade and Stuart Gibbon Get Two Great Reviews From Independent Sources

Sheryl Browne reviewSheryl Browne is an author, a blogger, and reviews books that she finds interesting on her website. Being a member of 'The Crimewriters Association' she has recently reviewed our writers new publications 'Arrest and Detention' and 'Burglary and Robbery'.

Click on this link to read the review.

Stuart Gibbon photoKate Chapman writes for 'Lincolnshire Life', a popular local magazine which is free and downloadable. The article is a synopsis of our author, Staurt Gibbon's life in the police force and how he came to write these books in association with Stephen Wade.

Click on this link to read the article 'Author of Arresting Titles'

Cops, Villains and Trials - Explorations in Crime and Law for Family and Social Historians

Cops, Villains and TrialsA new Emerald Guide publication out Oct 2020 from a popular author, Stephen Wade could be a stocking-filler this Christmas!
Cops, Villains and Trials is a collection of case studies and background essays intended to provide guidance and advice for family and social historians. It aims to deal with sources and narratives, with material on the context of crime and law through the ages.

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Straightforward makes headway into e-books

Our recent additions of e-books is proving popular, and we are at about 75% in converting our range of titles to e-book format.

These can be read by most e-readers including kindle. They are being made available through Amazon's website as are all our paperback titles - the choice of format is yours and the good news is that our e-book format comes with typical savings of 50% of the original price.

Wherever you see this style of button
Find on Amazon by one of our book descriptions then you can purchase the book as an e-book from Amazon by following the link
This link will take you to our popular 'Straightforward Guide to Employment Law' by Karen Lee - Kindle Edition.
Please check with Amazon
if your reader will accept this version, but we are assured that most e-readers do.

Highlighting a Recent New Author

Josaphine Spires has managed to produce no less than 4 fascinating books within the last 3 years. Her dynamic character, and commitment to a philosophy of life-affirming beliefs, shine through in her writings. We acknowledge her inspirational abilites...
Jo Spire promo image

Josaphine's books are published under the Emerald Title and can be found in the Emerald Bookshop.

Tough times getting you down - is debt a problem? - Fight back with our recent additions to our Law titles.

Our Law Titles are up to date with the latest information and advice, for example, our recent 'Bailiff Law' book from Anthony Reeves, will give you information about your rights if you're ever in a position to get that dreaded knock on the door. Our recent 'Litigant in Person' book by Michael Langford gives excellent advice on representing yourself in any dispute that reaches court proceedings. 'Knowing Your Rights and Using the Courts' by Amanda Howlett is also a very popular and well-respected book in our camp. Check out all our Law books on topics from housing problems to disabled rights, to employment law, to family law, etc

On-Line Purchasing

Straightforward Publishing bookshop offers on-line purchasing of our titles with free postage on single purchases and up to 25% discount on multiple purchases. We have, after careful consideration, signed up with Paypal to handle credit-card payments. The system is very secure and we can assure customers that we have taken care that all orders and payments from this site are private and guaranteed.
credit cards accepted

The ethos of our company is that of personal development and individual empowerment. We hope that you will find what you need from our wide selection and that you will benefit from it.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problems or comments.


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Requests to reuse content from Straighforward Publishing books are now being processed through PLSclear. Please use the search widget above to complete your permissions request and we will come back to you. Alternatively, visit to complete your request.

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"As long as but a hundred of us remain alive, never will we on any conditions be brought under English rule. It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours, that we are fighting, but for freedom - for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself" Declaration of Arbroath - Robert the Bruce(1320).
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news and reviews

Our Emerald imprint site has now been merged into this site for economy reasons. All our Emerald titles can be accessed here, as usual:

Emerald websiteEmerald is an imprint of Straightforward Publishing and brings a high standard of design and format quality which complements our early commitment to low-cost publishing for all. This, combined with increased marketing efforts, provides a product that competes with more established publishers.


We are pleased to announce some of our latest additions:

(Click Book-Covers for further detail)

An Exciting Emerald publication bringing Eastern Teachings to Health Management
pub: April 2021:-
Health and Weight Management
by Caroline Rainsford


A Straightforward launch of a crime series with 3 new titles:-
Arrest and Detention Burglary and RobberyDrink and Disorder cover

from our established authors Stephen Wade and Stuart Gibbon

A New Author, Ellen Baxendale, brings us 2 books in our emerald range:-
Explaining Arthritis Explaining Asthma

Ellen is a medical researcher and contributor to numerous medical journals.

A Straightforward Guide to
Being a Detective cover
An A-Z  Readers’ and Writers’ Guide to Detective Work Past and Present
Stephen Wade and Stuart Gibbon


12 Point Guide to Writing Romantic Fiction

Is Romance Dead?
Not according to our latest publication - Kate Walker brings us her latest book on how to write Romantic Fiction - having written for Mills & Boon for many years, she should know!

For all you smokers out there
Yes - you know who you are!

Well, it's time for this new Emerald title from Josephine Spire
Stop Smoking Now book-cover
Stop Smoking Now - The Survival Guide(the clue is in the title!)


The Housing Crisis?
Way to Go?
Ever thought of building your own home - well we've been there! It's hard going, but it's well worth it!
Design and Build Your Own Home
'Designing and Building Your Own Home'

seperatorThese two authors are dragging 'Sherlock Holmes' into the 21st Century; they present a number of case studies of modern-day crimes in exquisite detail...
The Crime Writer's Casebook
is simply a fascinating book, and a combined effort by, Stuart Gibbon who is a police detective, and Stephen Wade who is a crime historian...

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Crime Writers Casebook


Want to represent yourself in court? Then you are termed a 'litigant in person' and this is the book for you: 'How to be a Litigant in Person' is from Michael Langford, who has considerable experience in the field...

OK we know Tax is not a sexy subject, but if you run a business you know it's something you just cannot ignore! Our lastest Guide to Tax for Small to Medium Size Business is authored by Colin Richards, a qualified accountant, whose previous book-keeping and accounting book was well received...

Roger Sproston
our MD, has been reminiscing,
Fighting for Light,
eh what?



Robert Franks has been busy and gives us 2 new titles adding to his excellent 'What to Expect when You go to Court'.

Nicholas Corder does not believe in Orwell's 'Ignorance is Strength' and gives us another invaluable title, 'Writing Good Plain English', to add to our Creative Writing section, and to enable you to fight the propaganda with...!

A new title to our Emerald 'explaining' range now includes 'Explaining Bi-Polar', written by Doreen Jarrett, a carer, from her own perspective and experiences.

The EBay phenomenon?the ebay phenomenon
- Paul Welwyn, a new author, has got it covered with his Straightforward Guide to Buying and Selling on Auction Sites(e.g.Ebay) and getting your business online - no problem - checkout his Guide to Starting an Online Business, from our Business section.