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Hello and welcome to the Emerald website, a subsidiary of Straightforward Publishing.

We are a publisher that mixes old-fashioned affordable publishing with modern technology to achieve a quality publication which reaches both UK bookshops and on-line outlets. We try to publish self-help books that are useful and informative, catering for the layperson, yet detailed and with greater depth.

We treat our authors well - but they have to earn their way - all our authors are professionals and experienced in their field. We do not ask our authors for payment up front (if we think the book merits publishing we take the risk of printing and distributing), we don't do vanity publishing. Our authors get better royalties than most and, unlike many, get their books to bookshops and on-line outlets.

We have streamlined our operation over the years since starting in 1991 and have developed good relationships with our printers and distributors - you will find our books in most high street locations and many places on the web including Amazon, Google books, Blackwells, W H Smith and Foyles(who, generally, dedicate a shelf to our titles).

We pride ourselves in offering a range of titles that reflect current law and practice - our website maintains the latest revisions of all our books and where necessary are always up to date with european and UK law revisions. Please find out about our books and look at our range by clicking on 'bookshop' on our left index.

Emerald makes headway into e-books

Our recent additions of e-books is proving popular, and we are at about 60% in converting our range of titles to e-book format. We are making our best-selling titles available in e-book format which can be read by most e-readers including kindle. These are being made available through Amazon's website as are all our paperback titles - the choice of format is yours and the good news for our readers is that our e-book format comes with typical savings of 50% of the original price.

Wherever you see this style of button
Find on Amazon by one of our book descriptions then you can purchase the book as an e-book from Amazon by following the link
This link will take you to our popular 'The Debt Collecting Merry-Go-Round' by Anthony Reeves - Kindle Edition.
Please check with Amazon
if your reader will accept this version, but we are assured that most e-readers do.

Emerald Imprint bookshop offers on-line purchasing of our titles with free postage on single purchases and up to 25% discount on multiple purchases. We have, after careful consideration, signed up with Paypal to handle credit-card payments. The system is very secure and we can assure customers that we have taken care that all orders and payments from this site are private and guaranteed. credit cards accepted
The ethos of our company is that of personal development and individual empowerment.
We hope that you will find what you need from our wide selection and that you will benefit from it. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any comments.

© copyright: straightforward publishing 2007
Last updated: Sept 2019

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